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What is our mission with Btown Meow? 

Our mission is to provide a loving space for our cats while they await their perfect match.

Not ready or unable to adopt? Not a problem! Our visitors offer the cats socialization on their journey until they find their furever home.

We offer a variety of select beverages and  prepackaged treats that you can enjoy in the café or while spending quality time with our adoptable cats. All of our cats come with unique personalities and will be roaming freely in the cat lounge.

You are welcome to pet the cats however please do not pick them up.

A visit to our café offers you the purrfect opportunity to relax, destress and connect with the cats. We do limit the number of people permitted in the cat lounge and may not be able to accommodate walk-ins. If you are planning to visit, we encourage you to make a reservation.

Beads & Whiskers Bracelet Making 7/26 (6-7 PM)

Come join Busy Beads Boutique of Bloomington in the cat lounge as they guide you through the process of making your very own bracelet. They will give you a choice of 3 charms, a variety of different colored beads, string, & decorative spacers to choose from.

16+ Silent Book Event 7/12, 7/26, (5-6 PM)

5 spots available, bring a book and grab a drink from the cafe. Gather in the lounge and share info about the book you are currently reading, then read with the cats. $5, cost includes drink & cat lounge visit. 

Paws & Peace: Cat Stretch & Meditate 7/14 (4:30-5:15 PM)

Join Marielle Hug, for our special event
“Paws & Peace: Cat Stretch & Meditate with Btown Meow!
In this 45-minute class, Marielle will guide you through a beginners meditation practice that will leave your spirit soothed, your body relaxed, and your senses alive. Class includes a gentle seated stretching and meditation.. The first 15-minutes will be reserved for interacting with the Btown Meow cats! Why meditate with cats? Cats are naturally intuitive creatures who, just by being themselves, help cut through our emotional armor. Meditating with them helps us tap into a deeper more tender emotional space. Plus, they enjoy the company of humans & socialization.
No meditation experience necessary. Please bring a comfy cushion to sit on.


Mya is a 6 year old female. This cool gal is extremely outgoing and chatty. She always greets everyone at the door and demands she gets her fill of head pats. Don’t ignore her or she will surely climb up on you to get your attention. She can have a bit of sass towards other cats if they steal her spotlight but she has no bad intent. Mya would make the perfect family house cat. She loves to lounge around, just looking cute! She’ll be busy doing that until the perfect match comes along.

Come hang out with us!


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