Did you fall in LOVE during your

visit? Here’s how to Adopt.

We are partnered with the Bloomington Animal Shelter
to find each cat their furever home!

The adoption process is done online and can be completed in as little as a few hours.

Below are all the resources you may need to complete this process.

Tally & Musa

Tally is a 3 year old male and Musa is a 1 year old female. They connected in foster care where Tally was recovering from his tail amputation. Musa is very shy and is hesitant to be touched. Tally loves to play and get pets and Musa loves to cuddle Tally. He is definitely her comfort cat. These two have so much love to give and would be a great pair for someone with patience who is willing to go their speed and give them time to adapt. They are more than ready to find the perfect home! 


Rose is a 4 year old female. This beauty is very calm and loves canned food. She picked a comfy spot in the lounge and made it her own, you can almost always count on her being there. Unless canned food is brought out, which she goes crazy for. She loves to just lay around and get pets, she really would make such a great lap cat. Rose is so sweet and has gotten along well with all of the other cats in the lounge so far. She is patiently waiting for the perfect match! 


Mya is a 6 year old female. She is very curious and extremely affectionate. She likes head pats and is really chatty as well. Mya will absolutely jump on laps and climb on shoulders. She prefers to be the center of attention so she can get a little attitude towards other cats. This sweet heart is very eager to find a sweet home!


Joy is a 6 year old female. She is very sweet and loves to snuggle up on your lap. Joy also enjoys licking iced drinks so be careful bringing one around her! This sweet girl is patiently waiting to find the right match for her. 


Zendaya is a 1 year old female. She is very affectionate (on her own terms) and chatty. Zendaya loves feather wands, kick toys, and laser lights. She came into the shelter with a fractured pelvis and spent time recovering in a foster home. Zendaya is more than ready to find the perfect home!  



Yarrow is a 3 year old female. She is more reserved but very lovable once she gets comfortable with you. She loves to lounge up high. This cutie is ready for furever!


Miss B Lilly

Miss B Lilly is a 1 year old female. She is very cuddly and would make a great lap cat. Miss B Lilly is a tiny girl but don’t get it twisted, she loves treats. She is good with other cats and kids. Miss B Lilly is eager to find the perfect home!


Charlie is a 1 year old male. He is outgoing and very vocal. He has that classic orange cat energy. Charlie gets along well with other cats. He loves cuddling and will lay on your chest. This wild boy is looking for the right match! 


 1. Book a reservation to meet the kitties at the café and find the cat that’s right for you.

 2. Fill out and submit an adoption application https://bloomington.in.gov/animal-shelter/policies . The application must include the specific cat(s) that you are applying for, with their name and ID number. You may apply for multiple cats, and adoptions are approved on a first come first serve basis.

The fees for the adoption include the following services:

  • The first round of age appropriate vaccinations, including de-worming
  • Feline Leukemia/FIV testing for cats
  • Heartworm testing for dogs
  • A free office visit with most veterinarians in Monroe County
  • Microchip identification for both dogs and cats
  • Spay/Neuter surgery for all cats, dogs and rabbits
  • A temporary cat carrier or slip leash for dogs

 *They accept Cash, Check, ApplePay, Debit and Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard).*

 3. Your application will be reviewed by the Bloomington Animal Shelter and you will receive an update within a week from the shelter. Please keep in mind that Btown Meow Cat Café does NOT make decisions on the adoption process, and all application questions must be discussed with the Bloomington Animal Care & Control.

 4. Once you receive approval from the shelter, you can bring home your new friend! 

 Please Note:

We absolutely recommend meeting the cats first to make sure they are the right fit for you before applying. Check the Meet our Cats tab to see our current available cat café residents before you come to visit!


Provide a furever home

Did you make a special connection with our cats?

Give one or two the furever home they have been waiting for!


  1. Fill out an application
  2. Await approval
  3. Take your new friend(s) home!

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